This website has been created by Tom Plumb over a period of some years, sometimes using the pen name "Earnest Seeker".  I use this pen name because this material is not mine, but was written by illustrious, but mostly forgotten authors of the past. I did endless reading to select the most helpful material, translated it into understandable English, formatted it and uploaded it on to my store-bought website. I then gradually created context for it..

My parents were both tough in their own way since they were children of Alberta pioneers. Both had to endure a lot of hard work setting up homesteads and log cabins. But my father had to endure far more hardship since his parents set up a small ranch in what proved to be a near desert area. It had twenty years of rain, but then reverted to its normally arid condition. The small lake they watered their cattle at became alkali and so after struggling for years they had to leave it behind and go where there was rain.

Because of the hard times both of my parents could not finish their schooling, even though they were bright.  They made a family that often resembled a concentration camp but my sisters and I learned to make the best of a bad situation by laughing at it all.

How did this website come about?  Well, there I was in 1969, a newly minted high school teacher of Geography, but I had not been outside of North America.  I listened to friends describe their travels in Europe, but their accounts left me intensely frustrated.  I did not want to discover mere landscapes and dusty museums -I wanted to find a meaningful goal for my actual life.. Everybody around me seemed to be locked into the conventional death-dance of being comfortable and respectable until their long planned decent demise.

After teaching for a few months in Port Moresby for the Australian government I stayed in the remote Papuan beach village of Hamu Hamu on the Coral Sea for three months. I took along some serious books about mysticism to pore over. They certainly widened my horizons!!

While living and body surfing Kuta Beach on the island of Bali (with a rotating population of 6-12 fellow adventurers. No tourists.), I met an English-speaking Indonesian on the other side of the island who was a full-time Yogic guru. Now this guy really had something! So, after some time he brought me through a special spiritual initiation ceremony. After this, I advanced in the Yogic disciplines at warp speed, so that within a couple of years I was a junior but adept guru myself at an Ashram near Auckland . I meditated for most of my hours every day and enjoyed a wonderfully enhanced state of consciousness. I even healed people with "pranic healing". Words of Yogic wisdom easily flowed from my quieted mind.

I was so full of spiritual vacuum that I hurt.  One evening I was walking outside and I kicked a street light post for just for standing there without caring. I kicked it so hard I really hurt my foot.

So, I resigned my teaching position, and drove to Vancouver and sold my car. I then bought a rucksack and hitched to San Francisco where I caught a ship one-way for Japan -simply because it was the opposite direction from Europe.  Here a few highlights of my trip.

Between Hawaii and Japan my ship encountered a hurricane. I thrived on the seas that were higher than the ship! Most were seasick.  Even the cross-chop was big enough to be dangerous. 

I spent several weeks traveling around Japan, walking and using public transportation while covertly sleeping under the stars.  I tucked myself into my sleeping bag late and got up early because of all the people.

I landed in Brisbane almost broke after a glorious 3 week voyage on P&O.  Lots of great food and friends with stops in Taipei, Hong Kong and Manila. First I spent several days exploring the wondrous botanical gardens at Brisbane, full of plants strange to my cold Canada.

I went hitch hiking around the country. During a long trip you make friends with the driver.  That means the occasional free meal.  But that does not happen when you are in one place, so I found it hard to stop.

I taught High School in a Sydney suburb for a few months until I got a position in Port Moresby where there was more money and adventure.

Any free time I used to organize adventures with a few other guys. (In Canada I used to put together canoe trips in the Muskoka country.) Sailing and snorkeling around the reef. Rafting down the crocodile infested Vanapa River.  Visiting remote native villages.  Taking a small coastal freighter to the remote Papuan coast and the Trobriand Islands. Hiring a native guide and hiking across a remote mountain range in the Highlands where they had never seen a white man before.  When they saw me they put their hands over their mouths and giggled for  a long time.  Apparently they have the idea that if a person has white skin, they are a ghost.....

I stayed in the remote Papuan beach village of Hamu Hamu on the Coral Sea for three months. The village certainly gave me additional  perspective on stone age life!! They could not read. Their only source of music were two tiny ukuleles, and they could only strum two notes. No vocals. They had these big crocodile skin drums, but they were only used for funerals.  It was fortunate that I took along some mind bending books to read including "The Outsider" by Colin Wilson.

I hitch hiked from Sydney to Darwin and caught a small plane to Dili in East Timor.  The few passengers were given orange Freshie with ants floating in it.... And there was no food.

I lived for three months for two dollars a day living and body surfing at Kuta Beach on the island of Bali (well before the tourist onslaught -and small portable surf boards.) I slept in a grass hut in the village..  They were always having festivals.  There were only four to eight other foreigners in Kuta.

I met an English-speaking Indonesian Yogic guru.  Now this guy really had something! At last here was something of substance! After some time he brought me through a special sunrise initiation ceremony high on the slopes of the sacred mountain Gunung Agung.

He instructed me to relax and focus on the dim orb of the sun that was still below the horizon.  He then put his hands on my head.  For three days afterwards I felt like my feet were not touching the ground.

My traveling immediately changed from the physical to the spirit.  I finished my remaining visa time in Kuta and then went to Penang for another three months.  When that visa expired I went to Australia and camped on a remote beach in the Colored Sands National Park with the dolphins.
I advanced intuitively in the Yogic/Buddhist disciplines at warp speed, so that within a couple of years I was an adept junior guru employed at an Auckland Ashram.  I meditated for hours every day and enjoyed a wonderfully enhanced state of consciousness. My stilled mind spoke with words of wisdom. I even healed people with "pranic healing".

But regrettably, there was trouble in paradise so I took a nice hearty job in the bush clear-felling second growth to make way for the planting of Douglas fir seedlings. I rebuilt my physical fitness.

But this situation was not conducive to meditation and so I saw my spiritual state gradually unwind to reveal that my former spiritual vacuum had not gone away but  had expanded underground and become even more painful.

I continued yoga teaching in my own group but knew I was in real trouble.  So, one evening, I decided to do something different and attended a "Christian Fellowship" meeting, even though I looked down on their spiritual ignorance.

That evening while I was singing along with one of their weak songs, I started to feel strange. And then I started to feel really strange and the Lord came to me and spoke in a gentle but overwhelmingly powerful audible voice and simply said: -"MY NAME IS JESUS". I responded instantly with "Well, if you are Jesus, WELCOME!!!!" (to my heart) He in turn instantly flooded me with the Holy Spirit. I was totally undone and was not able to speak for the next three weeks!  Ever since it has been my hope to embody the peerless quality of the character I heard in His Voice.

And so I set out to serve the Lord with my customary Yogic zeal.  My uninformed expectation was to surpass my former Eastern "enhanced consciousness" since this was the real thing with the real God. Perhaps this could be a new religion that combined the two?

Well, that was a great motivator, but little did I know that God was a jealous God. For the first months, I walked in a rosy honeymoon cloud of anointing.  Then it became more complicated. I had much to learn.

When I finally became established in a church back in Canada, I spent weeks at work repenting with tears to wash away the Eastern spirituality. The Holy Spirit is not the only spirit; there are plenty of others that are not holy.

And over the years, I gradually came to the terrible realization that nobody in the church world had the answers to how to maintain a close and intimate relationship with Him and expand it into a solid constant reality. Nobody knew.  Nobody had it. All that was offered was "more of the same" up and down, sometimes clouded Christianity.

Over the years, I saw  two "cutting-edge" Spirit-filled churches fall away under my feet.  I saw many friends and leaders backslide.  I saw an endless procession of Godly marriages dissolve.  I saw astonishing sin within church walls. Eastern mystical beliefs and astrology flourished there too!  There was no end to it all. "Self help". The prosperity gospel that enriches big preachers instead of the poor.. A revered and married elderly "charismatic" Anglican priest was revealed to be a homosexual!!!  A wonderful Baptist singing group had its lead singer arrested for armed bank robbery!!!  I looked everywhere to find a church that had substance more solid than all this.  I failed. What was going on?

I had kept myself clean from all this so I still had plenty of the power of the Holy Spirit within.  I saw glimpses of spiritual integrity in others too, here and there, but this was hardly the gospel I was reading about in the Scripture!!!!  Where was it????  What was I to do in such a corrupt world?

Whenever I came across somebody with a prophetic gift they eagerly proclaimed the sun moon and stars over me, because I made it my business to walk in all the anointing He had. But they had no clue either. (not that I knew enough in those days to ask the right question.....)

And I kept failing to find it. Even though I had attended quite a variety of churches in my long career, the substantive holiness described on this website was never mentioned.  Never. Nada.  Staying out of trouble and having a good "Spirit-filled" devotional life or prayer life was about as far as you could go with it unless you could find vast sums of cash to donate.... The exceptional person might talk in misty terms about something higher, but it never got beyond misty.  I was looking for pie on the plate, not "pie in the sky".

This website was created years later upon the direct leading of the Lord in 1999 for two reasons:
1. So that I could learn through protracted independent study just what was this abiding intimacy that I had sought to find for years and finally stumbled upon in 1988?
2.  So that I could share my findings online with anybody else that might be seeking this better way that I now I enjoyed.  I had given up hoping for peers to share this with.

With this leading I undertook a long web search in those days of slooow computers before Google and found reference to a CD that sounded like a possible source, and gambled the hefty price tag to see if it was. It came in the mail but there were no explanations at all given. It was all Greek to me. With much digging I gradually made out that it was just what I was looking for!! Over 500 books of it!!

I later obtained permission to share excerpts with you to promote the Cd for the author. And the rest of the story is in front of you.

My links with George and Marc came about years later after they found this website online.  We now co-operate with each other online. 

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