Burning Sermons by John G. Lake

Building on a Firm Foundation
Lake was a builder as a young man, and so got to know all about deep foundations for the new skyscrapers of Chicago.
 "For the Church of God and Christian faith to become strong and to be built up in God, it is necessary to get a good foundation. It is a greater problem with most builders to get the old rubbish out of the way than to do the building. If we will look at our own lives, we will observe this: that the things that have been rooted and grounded in our hearts - some tradition of the Fathers, some of it misconception of the meaning of the Word of God; much of our teaching is fragmented - these form the greatest obstacles to the engrafting of the living Word of God."   6 pages by John G. Lake

 Triune Salvation
"There was perfect fellowship between God and Adam. He was a sinless man. He could look right into the face of God, and his eyes nor his spirit did not draw back. The purity of God did not startle him. He was just as pure as God was pure. That was the original man." Here Lake shares with us his challenging view of God's reality as it relates to divine healing of spirit, soul and body. Lake traveled especially to London and Washington D.C. to present this special address to the assembled Anglican clergy.         8 pages by John G. Lake 

The Real Christian
"AChristian is unique. He stands alone. He supersedes all who have gone before. He will not have a successor. He is man at his best and God's best effort for mankind.
When the conception of a Christian has been established within our spirits as the New Testament establishes the ideal Christian, we will understand then how it is that men have been ready to abandon all else in the world in order to attain Christ, in order to attain His character, in order to become the possessor of His Spirit."  Here Lake explains the nature of the truly authentic believer by giving accounts of some remarkable incidents in South Africa.  7 pages by John G. Lake

The Second Crowning
 Lake discusses the secret of the peerless spiritual authority given to His servants: "Beloved, the secret of Christianity is the secret of the Christ possessing the heart of man; man being yielded to Him so that His victory, His consciousness, and His power possess your spirit and mind. Then, bless God, we are kings. Not because we say we are kings, but because we know we are kings and because we feel we are kings by the grace of God and His inworking power.  
We speak of mastery, not because we are endeavoring to lift our consciousness into the place where we can possibly conceive of mastery, but because the spirit of mastery is born within the heart. The real Christian is a royal fighter. He is the one who loves to enter into the contest with his whole soul and take the situation captive for the Lord Jesus Christ."  8 pages by John G. Lake

Moses' Rebuke
Lake believes that much  religion and certainly most of our prayers are strategies that the believer has devised to actually avoid his responsibilities before God.  This short article on spiritual authority is one of the most challenging on this website. Read at your peril!     4 pages by John G. Lake

"I believe a real conversion is the awakening of the spirit of man to the consciousness of the Fatherhood of God through Jesus Christ. In order to be aware of that consciousness of union with God, it is necessary that everything be removed that hides that consciousness and dims the knowledge of God."  Entering His Rest is the conversion so that one may become a real Christian.   5 pages by John G. Lake

The Power of Consecration to Principle
"In the day that God puts the spirit of mourning upon Pentecost, it will be the gladdest day that heaven ever knew. Blessed be His precious name!
First we see that the kingdom is based on principles. Principles are greater than doctrines. Principles are the foundation stones upon which all other things rest. Doctrines are the rules, the details by which we endeavor to carry out the things that the principles contain; but the principles are the great foundation stones upon which all things rest."   7 pages on consecration to the uttermost by John G. Lake