Zip Files

These files should be extracted to a folder you set up for the purpose by your favourite Compression program such as Win Zip. You can extract them to one big folder or one for each web page because PDF search can search them either by folder or individual sub-folder.

You can also choose to use the free 7Zip Compression program to extract them.  I have used 7Zip because it compresses more efficiently than most.  But my originals were created by the excellent free Libre Office are already formatted for use on the internet so the additional savings are only 25-30% in download time.  But there are a large number of PDF files......

You may download the appropriate version of 7Zip here:

Download and extract these 7Zip archives

The Door              
Entry Directions    

In the 7Zip program navigate to the downloaded 7Zip archive you wish to extract, and then click the big "extract" button.

Happy Hunting!!!!!
Yours In His Service;
Tom Plumb
April  4, 2011