The Robust Gospel

This necessarily robust gospel is presented in two parts:

1. The Meaning of Salvation

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Read this one first, since  "The Meaning of Salvation" introduces a unique perspective on the gospel by starting at the very beginning. The authour asks the reader "Why have men invented religions ever since time began?"  He then asks, "and of all those religions, why do we need Christianity?"  Using this basic understanding, he is then able to give us an unusually foundational perspective on the very nature and assumptions of the original gospel which saw the majority of its members become sanctified.  83 pages  by C. E. Brown

2. The Meaning of Sanctification

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Using the unique perspective developed above, Brown then clarifies for us many of the understandable mistakes made in relating to it. 

He concludes his signal service to us with the best explanation on how to enter His Rest found on this website.  Instead of using his own words, He uses the scripture itself by carefully examining the meaning of the words and their tenses in the original Greek. And we thought we knew the scripture!!!  85 pages by C.E. Brown includes extensive notes.