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"And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."    Jos 24:15

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Kids are born cute, but they are dyed in the wool criminals.....

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The Unforgivable Man
This is made up of Scriptures and lists from them with short explanations.

"Pardon is a perfect work. But some things cannot be forgiven. Sins as acts can be forgiven, but sin as a state can not be forgiven.
“The sinner is like the drowning leper. The leper needs a double work: (1) To be rescued from a watery grave; (2) To be cured of his disease. When a life preserver will cure the leprosy, it will be time to discard the double disease, the double conditions, and the Double Cure.'” “The sinner is like the diseased criminal about to be hung for his crime –
he needs the 'Double Cure' of pardon and healing. When a governor's reprieve will cure consumption, or the doctor's prescription secure a pardon, it will be time to overlook this double work of grace.” The old man cannot be forgiven; he does not need forgiveness. He is enmity against God. He cannot be forgiven; God has made no provision for his forgiveness. The Atonement is not for the old man; that is, not to secure pardon for him. It is for his destruction."
33 pages by E.G. Marsh

The Old Man
Carradine is the most colorful and descriptive of our writers since he spent his life preaching sanctification to the unlettered masses of the post civil war south.

Whether professing Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Voodoo, or no religion at all, men are equal in sharing the same world-stained fallen nature.  Even the most godly and gracious heart still has a hidden "something" within that still resists God and tugs towards sin as a moth to the flame.  But complete sanctification brings the total and final removal of this "old man" of original Sin.  Without this mysteriously unyielding stony nature quietly buried within, the heart-life instantly enters a whole new dimension in His Life.  You may be thoroughly saved and pardoned. You may be marvellously filled with His Spirit and wonderfully victorious in your spiritual battles. But you are just deceiving yourself if you think you can win the WAR and become wholly LIKE HIM while this malevolent fallen nature still hides unconquered within. This important and powerful document details the nature and methods of your  "old man" (the fallen nature) compared with the rare and precious blessings released upon it's removal.  This ugly "before" picture is presented in detail with humor and vivid examples:

"Many of the heathen philosophers had acquired, by mental discipline and cultivation, an entire ascendancy over all their customary vicious habits. Perhaps my readers will recollect the story of the physiognomist, (a professional face and body reader) who, coming into the place where Socrates was delivering a lecture, his pupils, wishing to put the principles of the man's science to proof, desired him to examine the face of their master, and say what his moral character was. After a full contemplation of the philosopher's visage, He pronounced him the "most gluttonous, drunken, brutal, and libidinous old man that He ever met."

As the character of Socrates was the reverse of all this, his disciples began to insult the physiognomist. Socrates interfered, and said, "The principles of his science may be very correct; for such I was, but I have conquered it by my philosophy."  (from Entire Sanctfication by Adam Clarke)  And so it is with many serious believers. Although they have apparently conquered their fallen natures by the sheer force of their religion and character, its most foul root is still there, and it still shows through from time to time!! God, the enemy and other men (and likely your spouse) are all quite aware of  this duplicitous situation.  Are you?

A lot of convicting sermons can be hatched from this important heritage article that is just chock full of pungent examples that cannot fail to communicate. This is Carradine at his best! "Here are several ladies rocking together in the parlor of one of the group...."  44 descriptive pages by Beverly Carradine (1848-1931) 
Language and idiom carefully enhanced for modern readers by Earnest Seeker.) 

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(see page 69 for Carradine's monkey story -which aptly describes today's most common approach to gaining holiness.)

The Carnal Mind

This very special document provides the most thorough treatment of this topic that we have. It even includes the various forms of belief which shelter it from view and how its siren song can influence mature believers.  How should the mature and the sanctified stay unspotted from the world?  71 page PDF by H. A. Baldwin

The Carnal Mind And The Cure For It

"We have interviewed not a few who maintained that man gets rid of the carnal mind by growth, but never have we found one individual who would profess or admit or claim that he had reached the place, or state, where he had actually got rid of it.
There came into one of our meetings in Texas a claimant of the growth theory. He was an old, white headed man. In the course of a conversation with him we asked, “How long have you been a Christian?” He answered, “Forty-three years.” “How long have you been growing into holiness?” “Forty-three years,” was the reply. “How near are you to the experience?” “I don’t know.” “How much nearer are you now than you were forty-three years ago?” “I don’t know,” was again the reply. “How much longer will you have to grow before you will be in possession of this experience?” “I don’t know.” “Now, brother, do you think that it is necessary for you to get rid of the carnal mind in order to be admitted to heaven?” “Oh, yes, that is quite evident from the teaching of the Bible.” “But you do not yet have that experience after forty-three years of growth?” “No, I have not.” “Now, brother, tell me what would have become of you if you had died after growing only forty-two years. You say that one cannot be admitted to heaven unless he gets rid of the carnal mind, and forty-three years of growth has not enabled you to get rid of it. Then if you had had only forty-two years of growth and had died you would have been in a bad fix, would you not?”      “I don’t know.”

Thank God, salvation is not such an indefinite and hazy something. Neither is it so uncertain as would be indicated by this “I don’t know.”

To be sure, there is growth in things spiritual, and this is very marked if one walks in the light especially after the heart has been purified. When growth ceases, the soul will soon atrophy, and then decay sets in. That soul who has ceased to grow has great cause to be alarmed. If our child should cease to grow, and wear the same clothing a year from now that he wears now, we would be alarmed and consult a physician to ascertain the trouble, for something would surely be the matter with our child. There are those who wear the same clothes now that they did ten, twenty, or even forty years ago. They pray the same little prayer, repeat the same old testimony, etc. But a healthy child will surely grow. There is, and should be, a tremendous growth in things spiritual; but there is no growth into an experience of grace, neither indeed can be." (page 26)  31 page PDF by H. A. Erdmann

On Sin in Believers

On this same important topic I have also included five sermons from John Wesley: 
  • On Sin in Believers
  • Original Sin
  • The Wilderness State
  • The Mystery of Iniquity
  • The Deceitfulnesss of The Human Heart 
a 30 page PDF

Must We Sin?

Over my years I have gotten to know many church leaders.  Most of them are excellent men who are doing their best for our sake.  I have found them worthy of my love and respect.  But regardless of that, with the years I have come to see that they were also sadly lacking in many areas of the faith that their training should have provided, but alas, did not.  Despite their best efforts and obvious sincerity, they were actually "blind leaders of the blind" -at least as far as dealing effectively and comprehensively with the sin question.

The prevailing assumption in virtually all Protestant denominations is that we are all "sinners saved by grace", and because we are sinners the propensity to return to one sin or another sin must haunt us until we go on to Heaven.  This all seems to be self-evidently true until the truth of this website is embraced.  That truth can be stated simply:  that any remaining propensity to sin can be escaped by asking for and then obtaining the special work of grace that God has provided just for that purpose. 

It then logically follows then that without dealing with the theology behind complete sanctification, you cannot possibly have a complete theology -but sadly we are trapped because this scriptural truth has been virtually forgotten. (Why? See the website page "Ichabod" that is dedicated to answering this perplexing question.)

All people have a sin problem, but so very few understand it fully.  Listening to Sunday sermons is not enough.  In order to adequately grasp the material further down on this "Enter" page, you will need to strengthen your understanding of the sin problem.  This article is mostly not on the topic of His Rest, and much of it will be known to you already.  Parts of it you will find to be tedious in its detail, but if you tolerate this, you will be amply rewarded with new insight!!!  Confusion of various kinds on this topic is endemic throughout the church world........
Your life might be clean as far as you know, but perhaps your understanding of spiritual cleanliness itself is deficient....   40 page PDF by Rev. Howard W. Sweeten

Who can account for them?  Well: Rev. Carradine has quite a variety of instructional anecdotes for us from many years ago.  Rev. B. Carradine

But today everything has become so complicated.  The "Gender Wars' have confused every issue for us.  This is an in depth dialogue beween a professional philosopher (Stefan Molyneaux) and Paul Elam who is expert on human rights and gender. Very challenging and edifying but not of the faith.

So, is the old man hereditary?  Is sinfulness in your genes?  Well, perhaps that is the wrong question to ask.  We need to back up and think how the Bible story unfolded.

Before the fall, Adam and Eve automatically had a privileged  fellowship with God since God made them that way.  Obviously, they did not look after that wonderful heritage properly, but still -they were born with it.

So, it is not what was in the genes, but what was lost and so now is no longer there in the genes -or in any default heritage. That original divine blessing was replaced by a much lesser blessing from fallen parents with at best a dubious and spotty fellowship with God.. 

The Lord God meted out
curses on the serpent and on the ground for Adam's sake. 

(When Adam found that Eve had become ensnared by a cunningly devised trap, why didn't he just run to ask God what to do in this unprecedented situation??  If only......)

Here was Eve's curse for her pivotal role in the deadly debacle:

"I will greatly
multiply your sorrow and your conception;
In pain shall you bring forth children;
Your desire shall be for your husband,
and he shall rule over you."  Genesis 3:16

And yes, the sinfulness of her children was the cause of multiplied
sorrow to Eve.  Modern mothers still grieve when their precious babies demonstrate selfishness as they grow up to become  ungodly and add daily to the storehouse of sorrow in the world and at home. Children still are not only a tremendous blessing, but still often become a real pain......

Jesus was
born the SON of God with signs following his very birth.   All of us had to be grafted into the Kingdom later on in life.  And you will remember from your own experience that the grafting was certainly no sure thing!

"Depravity" is one of several synonyms of the "old Man" -or the unsaved nature -the natural man, in contrast to the new man.

But the word depravity is often understood to mean insane and monstrous.  This is true enough of the word, but let me explain with an example.

There is nothing wrong with natural grape juice.  But as you know, given time, the natural yeasts in the healthy juice turn natural sugars into alcohol.

Alcohol is a neurotoxin.  It can kill, or in lesser amounts can seriously impair a person's ability to function.  Alcohol is also a food like sugar that does not need to be digested.  It gives an over-abundance of instant energy. 

So you get a madman that is loaded with more energy and confidence than he or she knows what to do with. Wild energy.

A baby can be said to be innocent in that it has not yet done any acts either good or bad.  But in time when things happen the baby reacts, and will learn from that.  This sooner or later leads to unhealthy acts.  This leads to sin.  At first it is almost imperceptible, but it grows and grows. It can then turn monstrous if left unguided.  But whether large or small something unhealthy is there.

Holiness or Hell?

Godbey explicitly exhorts and helps the sanctified fully comprehend their station.

The unsanctified Christian lives on a knife edge: sins subtly sneak up to steal your salvation.  Repenting afterwards is not always considered, let alone carried through successfully, leaving multitudes of sleeping Church members to face a destiny they do not suspect. The cleansing of your heart cannot be trifled with.   It is serious.  A pure heart is the only sure refuge in this lost world. God is to be feared.

The title is designed to be alarming to the comfortable since this deadly issue is seldom taken factually.

Those in His Rest always abide in His beauty and are never dry.  Their eternal home is virtually assured since they have already been made white.  Blameless and without spot. 46 pages by the illustrious W. B. Godbey

  Now all the above is very nice and objective.  Would you rather the horrors of HELL were graphic and scary?  Some Korean Christian artists have made this possible for us..... 

Not to be viewed at bedtime since it is truly horrific.
Earnest Seeker