A Cacao Tree with Cacao Pods

Cacao Tree 

The colourful cacao pods are produced continually year round in the lushly tropical Ivory Coast.  After they are produced, they ripen on the tree and are picked every week.  The "beans" are then removed and put in a heap on the ground to ferment for a few days.  They are then spread out to dry, and then put in bags for shipping to Canada for healthy processing.    Cacao Tree


The idea of fair trade is simple. Ultimately, it involves a mutually beneficial exchange between two parties: producers and consumers. Its purpose is to improve the living and working conditions of small farmers and workers, and it depends on solidarity with people who are willing to pay more for a product to ensure that their purchase has a positive impact on producers. The goal is to empower producers and their organizations so that they can not only earn a fair price for their goods, but also take control of their businesses and reinvest in their communities.

Seen from one perspective, fair trade is a partnership between producers and consumers to rectify unequal trade relations by fortifying the trade chain’s weakest link—small-scale producers—and by weakening the power of intermediaries (commonly known as “coyotes” in Latin America) who add little or no value while claiming a large part of the revenue from sales. These middlemen, whether they are independent operators or employees of transnational companies, take advantage of the producers’ isolation and lack of market knowledge. By eliminating them and thereby shortening the supply chain, Fair Trade organizations have had a direct, positive impact on producers’ income and self-respect and then on product quality.



The facts of the situatiion according to the famous health expert: Dr. Mercola.


Carob too has a rich chocolatey flavor and is grown closer to home in California.  What is the difference?

Here is the corporate website with all the polished promotional material you might expect.  There a number of special products to be used for special needs.



The Xocia  Broadcasting Network.   Here are plenty of promo videos.

The road to Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Answers to questions a chocolate chef might ask.

Here are some health testimonials of the benefits of Healthy Chocolate.


This is a brief Story from the Dr. OZ show.

the Ripped and Rich Program

Who is Xocai?

DR. Keith Scott-Mumby (below) competes with Dr. Pederson's product but without the benefits of  the better "Fair Trade" prices to help the impoverished growers. Dr. Pederson's program plants up to a million new cacao trees per year to lift them out of poverty.


 Xocia gives us 100 delicious nuggets (1.2 KG.) for $150.00  As a Multi-level organization, there is also an opportunity for income.     For further information my email is: helpline805@gmail.com   Tom Plumb   Edson, Alberta.  This the brand I use to gain a new lease on life.

Dr. Scott provides 65 nuggets (390gm total)  for $49.95  Which is the better deal?

But now you can also find it on E Bay so it has become popular....