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George Delo
After becoming sanctified, George was called to provoke churches to holiness. With an aggressive and explicit message to obtain the second blessing and a supernatural righteousness of heart, he has been preaching with success and power in the U.S. and internationally for 21 years now.   Under his firm guidance many enter into His Rest.

Do you have a group that to wants lay it all on the line for Him, but can't seem to find the line? Perhaps some help from George will bring you through!!!

Here is a page of his videos:


Classic Holinesss Sermons

These are copied off red hot old tapes.  You get better quality sound when you download the sermon.

His philosophy is seen in the following prayer he prayed each morning: “O Lord, give me a backbone as big as a sawlog, and ribs like sleepers under the church floor. Put iron shoes on me and galvanized breeches, and hang a wagon load of determination in the gable end of my soul. And help me to sign the contract to fight the devil as long as I have a vision, and bite him as long as I have a tooth, and then gum him till I die! Amen!”  Uncle Bud Robinson

Preaching for Your Hungry Heart
Here are some hours of Holiness preaching that can hardly be improved upon.

Music videos for Your Hungry Heart:  (You may have to press the shift key while opening)    Come and Fill My Heart  The Best Thing      I Want to Love You Better Than This    Give me Back My First Love

Most of the following are evangelical links.

 I do not recommend any of these, but still......

I like Paul Washer.  Yes, of course he does not go as far as Holiness, after all he is a loyal Baptist, but unlike most today he does at least rebuke sin!  Apparently he uses some old-fashioned Presbyterian theology to do this.
Please press shift key while opening........   False teachers: Joel Olsteen, Benny Hinn  Heretical groups  The Gospel  -Eric Ludy   David Smithers  has a wide range of past revivalists to inspire you with.  Holy Desperation.  Jim Cymbala    Nita Johnson  "A Gathering of Eagles"  Zac Poonen , Bangalore, India.  "Keswick" theology    This small Canadian  group follows Zac Poonen's church in India. . 

Keswick theology is designed for theology hobbyists.  It puffs up with an illusion of lofty spirituality, by actually giving over certain carnal faults, but not centre  of it -the heart itself.  Half-cooked.   see:  Objections to Holiness

What is Heaven Like?

This  Sold Out For Jesus website has more videos. But just like any website that is wide-ranging it has both solid and shaky material -so be discriminating.   View this one -updated version -full screen -medium volume.  Go down the page for more good and related ones.

Near Death Experiences

To Hell and Back
You will find many more similar ones on YouTube. These are not related to sanctification but to spiritual life and spiritual death -but still very edifying.

A Few Old Books From My Library
Pastor Craig L. Adams of the  Weidman Methodist Church is one of those evangelical United  Methodists that identifies with the goals and purposes of the  "Confessing Movement." He believes the United Methodist Church  is in need of "doctrinal and experiential renewal." and that renewal  will not come until the UMC learns again from it's own evangelical and  revivalist roots.  Sounds pretty good to me!!   Resources from Wesley and  Methodism.  

 Latter Rain
This massive Christian Spirit-filled resource website covers every imaginable topic- including true holiness.  It is linked to this website on page 2 of their huge Links list..

Beacon Hill Press

Beacon Hill Press is the publishing arm of the Church of the Nazarene.
Founded around 1910-1920, they are one of the churches built while the American Holiness revivals at the end of the 1800's cooled. Originally they were called "The Holiness Church of the Nazarenes" and later changed their name. A good source for history and books but sadly not for purity of heart itself.  It is history, rarely a living reality.

Northwestern Nazarene University
Wesley Centre for Applied Theology at Northwest Nazarene University  -has raw holiness resources from the same private Holiness CDs  I got mine from. ( see below)

From this dizzying list of titles, I selected the best material, (by reading reams of lesser material) corrected all the errors, and made sense out of weird old fashioned language for you, and then organized it so that you could actually zero in on what you need.  This took years of labor, but here you can see where it all started. They had students clean things up since those early days.

Schmul Publishing
Again, these people do excellent work and print a large array of titles, but continue the regular problems above, although the level of editing is professional. 
All these Holiness people do not understand our Pentecostal terms or what they refer to.  Many still consider those who speak in tongues to be demon possessed!!!  (Well, some do make you wonder at times.)  But these books use the term the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" to refer to the moment when the Holy Spirit at last reaches down to purify a heart.  This use is not incorrect, but it totally confuses Pentecostals who are used to applying the same term to stirring up hearts so that the relationship with the Holy Spirit becomes active rather than passive, so that signs and wonders can properly flow.  In fact, both are misusing the boat. It was instead intended to be a general and inclusive term foretelling all the various works that the Holy Spirit would perform in the Upper Room on the day of Pentecost after the Holy Spirit was poured out and Jesus was seated on the Throne with His Father again.
They also present authors who do more harm than good.  But they still sell books, and I suppose that is what a printing company is for..  Us buyers are supposed to be aware.  If you use the Enter His Rest website in depth, you can obtain just that kind of in depth information, you need in order to be  such a discriminating consumer..  These others just present lists of titles for you to innocently grab. And then wonder why you get all mixed up about so many things....

At What Price Truth?
This website creates and sells sets of audio tapes of a great many classics, including some excellent holiness ones.

Evan Wiggs
A resource center for excerpts on a number of topics, including some on holiness.

A counseling ministry with a variety of resources including a good array of challenging holiness ones.

Holiness Data Ministry
A CD containing almost endless Holiness titles is created and distributed by Duane and Dorothea Maxey.  Duane was a Holiness minister who became disabled by illness. During those 17 years he was not idle. Instead, he gathered a team of volunteers to help scan old books and translate the scans into unedited plain text. These have now been available on CD for some time. Some of them found their way onto the Wesleyan Holiness Library CD  -and then on to this website. (and NNU above) There are many on this CD that are not found on Sulu Kelley's Wesleyan Holiness Library CD. And that CD has ones that Duane does not. I have both Cds and permission for limited use online.  The Great Awakening was a very fertile time for writers.   Duane deserves great honor.

What you are reading originates in Canada.  Are you unfamiliar with my country?  Here is an intro video by Tom Brokaw.


We Are Here For You
We have been walking in this rare state of grace for over twenty years now.  We have stood the test and are seasoned in guiding others into His Rest -each in his own way.  But we can only answer questions that make sense.  For that reason you must do a fair amount of reading on the website before asking for help. Please be aware that our time is valuable.                 Tom Plumb: website owner and librarian. 

Most of your questions are already answered on the FAQ, "Introduction" and "Central Idea" pages.  Also see the prepared question lists in "Pure Love" and "Objections Answered" on the "Entry" page.

For more information on us, see the "Links" page. Our testimonies are on the "Testimonies" page.

Tom Plumb will give you prompt short email answers to your queries. Perhaps a website reference.

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George Delo will give an evangelist's input to help push you through to His Rest.

Phone or Skype by appointment.

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                                                                                Note:  You have to keep digging until the Lord reveals.  He does the saving!!