A Gallery of Holiness Saints

"That He might sanctify and cleanse it by the washing of water by the Word.  That He might present it to Himself a glorious Church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that it shall be Holy and without blemish."  Eph. 5:27

You like your bed linen here on earth to be clean. While entering Heaven's gates you want your gown of salvation to be clean.  Supernatually clean. 

The following souls chose to do that necessary washing in this life -with His help and in private.  It was quite a struggle for each one - but well worth it in the end.
George Delo Preaches it!!!!    George Delo

The testimonies below are stories about how regular Christians washed in the Word until they were Holy and spotless.  They have time to abjure each instance of uncleanliness, and then give it over  to Him to remove.  (abjure = deny or renounce on oath.  Literally to give it over to the Judge of all.) They then gave over their very souls for a similar radical cleansing.  These rare souls were were then fully accepted to abide in His Presence while still on this earth.

They then show up in Heaven wearing their full Robe of Righteousness instead of the Gown of Salvation.

Mere repentance does not work here.  You were born with your defective character so this cannot be a sin.  Adam's sin has been judged by God already and now you need to add your voice to His so that the New Man may rule your life in place of the Old Man.  This requires the death of the old Man.  This is clearly more complete, final and severe than forgiveness.

The apostle Paul appointed as elders only those who enjoyed this Rest, and openly expected all believers to embrace it as a matter of spiritual priority and basic responsibility.
 (this principle is repeatedly confirmed on the "Entry Directions" page)

"The power of the atonement does not, through faith, take us to heaven in our sinful condition. but changes our condition from sinfulness to holiness in order that we may be prepared for heaven"  in context of intro to "A Right Conception of Sin" by Richard S. Taylor  found in "Asuza Street Theology" Charismata page

"The Lord spoke to him: "Do you know what a saint is?" It was all so real that he answered, "There are no saints on earth in this our day"; and the same strange voice replied, "A saint is one who is wholly given up to God".  Page 3 "Freeborn Garrettson"

We Give Thanks
For the years of faith, labor, vision and sacrifice that made the priceless spiritual treasure on this website available to us all. Virtually all of the documents on this website are brief authorized samplers from the excellent "Wesleyan Heritage Library CD" which contains  500 Holiness works, (both old  and new) in easy to read and share PDF format. The full documents are on the CD.  The resources on this CD have made this website possible.
  Purchase at:   Wesleyan Heritage Library CD

CD Authour's Preface
  - by Sulu D. Kelley of Wesleyan Heritage Publishing, producer of the “Wesleyan Heritage Library CD.  1 page

 Wesleyan Heritage Library CD Contents List    -an orderly full sized  list of the contents by title and by authour. 24 pages.

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They Knew Their God

Do you want to read more testimonies than the ones below? Do you  prefer to do your serious reading from paper?  Well, at last, I have found the answer for you!!!  This exceptional series of
five illustrated paperback books illuminate the inspiring lives of 74 Holiness Saints in 828 pages.  These are properly written and recently researched sketches that are often more informative and readable than the enclosed PDF excerpts that I have taken from their fascinating but very lengthy heritage context for you. Each especially written chapter paints an inspiring picture of the life of a holiness saint, while staying brief and on topic. There is very little overlap with my PDFs.

Habitual reading of the lives of the Saints was traditionally viewed as second only to the Bible in spiritual benefit.  You will find that this has not changed, for these are the lives of real men and women that will touch your heart and fire your imagination as they shew forth  extraordinary grace and power in trying real-world circumstances.  But be aware that the older stories come from a time full of guesswork and ignorance on the topic - much like today!! 
click above  for a  24 page PDF of thumbnail descriptions of the series contents.

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Pioneer Days of the Holiness Movement in The Southwest
This article from the History section will give you some necessary background for the many testimonies below that come from the "Great Awakening". "They went to places where they were not wanted, and stayed until the people thought they could not get along without them. In the summer months they preached under green trees, brush arbors, cloth tents, and schoolhouses. When winter came they rented halls in large towns and did city mission work, visiting in the afternoons, while they stayed in and studied in the mornings. They preached on the streets, in the jails, and wherever they could get a hearing. These people carried with them the spirit of Elijah in the court of Ahab, and John the Baptist in the palace of Herod. No place was too hard, and no people could terrify them. They preached "holiness or hell," More and God honored such ministry, and great revivals broke out. If the services were not spiritually free, they would fast and pray until the "fire fell."  16 page excerpt from Charles Brougher Jernigan 1919.

This is such a tremendous excerpt that you may wish to read the full 131 page original PDF from the History page:  Pioneer Days original

Contemporary Testimonies

These recent testimonies are much harder to find than heritage testimonies, because this costly heart-holiness is so seldom even heard about in these worldly days.  Secondly, not every soul with a pure heart is public enough for us to have heard about them, nor are they online enough to have heard about us.  

Some devout lifelong Christians that have retained the steadiness of their "first love" enter His Rest quite easily.  But they always exhibit the same stages: conviction, consecration, faith, and crisis.   Most of these contemporary souls entered into His Rest in spite of not knowing that it existed: but they knew that His grace was their answer.

Note: In the third world demonic infestation of the unsaved is endemic. Why? Endemic murder, violence, sexual sins, lasciviousness and ungodly religions bring inhuman spirits and hardening of the heart from the dark side. Today's shallow Christianity in the West brings, part-time parenting, ever-present misleading media and a highly corrupt society that no longer protects our tender children from these things.

The outcome is that many new converts have extra trouble staying true because there is a strong residual  porosity to familiar demonic influences. Even those who are "delivered" often have to run uncommonly fast to stay delivered. The only real escape is to enter His Rest.

But this is made far more difficult since the knowledge of how to enter is so very rare and unfamiliar. This situation brings us some dark and desperate testimonies marked by long and tangled paths to His Rest.....

Heritage testimonies usually demonstrate the spiritual principles more efficiently.

But please note:  There is no short and easy modern streamlined way. Examine the testimonies below.  It almost always took years, not merely a weekend of prayer.  It is prevailing prayer that God will hear. This kind of prayer continues until it is answered.

Tom Plumb
Tom Plumb ( A.K.A. "Earnest Seeker") owner and editor of this website, entered His Rest in 1988, even though totally ignorant of even the possibility since I had not heard of it even once. 

This condensed testimony is from when I was a much younger man.  I am now 70.  Now I live quietly in my own home in Edson, Alberta.  My wife long ago backslid and departed.  Severe Mercury poisoning from the fillings in my teeth took me away from normal life.  I have now recovered from that but have a secondary condition from it.  I soldier on in Him.

Being led of the Lord in 1999 I went searching the web and found the "Wesleyan Heritage Library CD" (which contains over 500 books on the topic -some over a thousand pages long) and was able at last start to educate myself on this little known work of grace and how others can get it. I then gained permission to share excerpts from the CD online to promote the CD for your long-delayed edification.   The author of that CD has since passed on.

My specific approach to the broad subject was gained by years of diligent study of the CD comparing one author's approach with another, together with guidance from the heritage authors themselves. This approach was then strongly confirmed by the witness of the Spirit, by comparing it with my own sanctification experience and the written experience of other witnesses both living and historical. 

Even trying to be very brief, I find that my story is too long, so I have made two versions:  Full story and Brief story.

I am not the voice of a denomination although George Delo and I compare notes online from time to time.

Well, I am not really equipped to handle photos so I turned this one into a PDF. Taken in Edson, Alberta, Canada.  May 12 2009.         My Foto 

Edson is a small and remote town on the Trans Canada highway half way between Edmonton and Jasper National Park.  Here are two excellent summer videos:

Jasper National Park


Canada is a vast land that is mostly a snowy trackless wilderness without enough people.  See:

Before I was saved while travelling  in Asia I became deeply involved in heavy spiritual Yoga with all it's control of the breathe.  Little did I know back then
  " in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience."   Ephesians 2:2  

George Delo

After becoming sanctified, George was called to provoke churches to holiness. With an aggressive and explicit message to obtain the second blessing and supernatural righteousness of heart, he has been preaching with success and power in the U.S. and internationally for 21 years now.  Enjoy his website. Here is his astonishing testimony:  Testimony

Do you have a group that wants to lay it all on the line for Him, but can't seem to find the line? Perhaps a few days of  provocation from George will bring you through!!! George and Bonnie live in Virginia and Ohio.

Art Katz
Art is a senior Messianic Charismatic and Prophetic leader who entered His Rest in 1982.   Art's many popular books and sermons are a mixture of end-times prophecy regarding Israel and an appeal for others to join him in His Rest.  3 pages 

(his quiet sanctification crisis is described on page 2.)
  recently deceased
His salvation video:  

Greyden White
Greyden waited in the back pews of the Baptist Church for 65 years, but now has been overtaken by such a blessing that .... 1 page   -lives in Maine

George Penderson

"One day in 1974, he became so distraught by that out of control thing within him that his discouragement put him at what seemed to be the lowest point of his life. He got into his car and randoml
y drove down the road struggling with himself, with the Lord and with that old nature. He drove on and on until he found himself 125 miles from home at Pickwick Dam. Parking his car, he walked down below the dam to the water’s edge and sat down on a rock. His heart that wanted to live in love for Christ and for everyone around, especially Clarisse, was almost broken. George had come to the end of himself." 4 pages written by Gene Long

Jan Jacobs

I can't tell you the exact time that I asked Jesus to come into my life.  My mother told me I was 5.  I know that when I was 13 I made the conscious decision to ask Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my heart.  I believe I experienced "regeneration" then.  But though my sins were forgiven, it seemed I had no power to live as I understood the Word of God said I should live, and my "Christian" experience was up and down, up and down, all my life until I eventually just gave up in despair.....  But that was by no means the end of the story.  Lives in Oregon.

Dritan Zmali

Dritan lives in Albania, but is presently working in Greece. He was invited to pastor a church in northern Albania, but was afraid to take the position because of his secret struggles with  sin. But now he has been set totally free....

Samuel Weber

Eighteen year old Samuel was recently saved, and then was sanctified shortly thereafter. This is the way to do it!!!  Lives in Ohio.

Testimony of Heaven and Hell
Adelaida de Carrillo, is a Latina who has a tremendous calling that needs purity of heart, but lacks it. She is given a tour of Heaven and of Hell, and is then taken aside by angels so that they can perform the various arduous and painful cleansings that she needs.  (from the Spanish -English voice-over)

(You may have trouble opening this. Paste this link in the Google or YouTube search bar. Requires Adobe Flash player)

Heritage Testimonies

Most of these worthy souls became so famous in their day, that their righteous testimonies have lived on.......

There may be some intentional duplication, since some exceptional subjects are written about by more than one author.

I advise you to get a big box of Kleenex ready.  You will laugh and you will cry!!!  The more you read, the better.  There is a lot of astonishing material here, but it is buried in the sheer volume of treasure.

If Entire Sanctification is Attainable, Why do so Few Experience It?

half page heritage explanation  by J. A. W

This is Chapter 4 of the authoritative “ His Deeper Work in Us” By J. Sidlow Baxter
"In the ensuing chapter we requisition evidence from the testimony of outstanding Christians. Let us here and now put it beyond all misunderstanding (if possible!) that we would no more base a theory of sanctification upon subjective human experience apart from clear Scripture teaching than we would formulate a Christian doctrine upon Old Testament “ types” without New Testament statement. The clear teaching of the written Word must ever be our decisive court of appeal."   13 pages of eminent testimonies together with expert commentary upon them.

The Better Way
The believer embarks for the Heavenly City upon the wending pavement of pardon. But O yes, there is a better way -the straight and easy path of purity which leads the soul to the glorious destination above the toils and storms of the mere earthly....  Did I say straight and easy?  Yes, the path is that way, but getting to it is another story.

This extraordinary work compares and contrasts the way of salvation with the way of complete sanctification in a manner that should leave you with few questions. Moses' way of embarking upon the better way is compared with the way laid out by Paul, and by the  Savior. The last chapters of this small book include quite a number of excellent testimonies. Read to your lasting peril!  by Beverly Carradine 1848-1931  ( 56 page PDF )
  Print-Ready Version

25 Testimonies

We are in the debt to  Dr. Brooks for compiling these 25 excellent testimonials of those who entered His Rest. He did this to make the subject clear to his doubting denomination. There is some duplication, but you will find testimonies for:  the Apostle Paul, John Wesley, John Fletcher,  Bishop Whatcoat, Madame Guyon, Jonathan Edwards,  Merle D'Aubigne, George Muller, James Brainerd Taylor, Thomas C. Upham, Dougan Clark,  David B. Updegraff, Hannah Whitall Smith, Charles Cullin, Anna M. Hammer, Frances Ridley Havergal, A. B. Earle, Dr. Levy, Wilbur Fisk, Dr. Olin, Bishop R. S. Foster, J. O. Peck, B. Carradine, T. H. B. Anderson,  James E. Schoolfield.  

 42 pages by Dr. J. R. Brooks

63 Anonymous Testimonies
158 excellent pages from Duane Maxey

Whole Lives in His Rest
Click here to read many lengthy stories that chronicle whole lives in His Rest. There are some stunning stories here! 

There are many more brief testimonies of how people actually entered into His Rest below.  There is some duplication since some of the below were extracted from these lives.

Brother Lawrence
At the age of eighteen, Brother Lawrence met the Lord. He then went on to become a monk. Key excerpts from his full-length book, “The Practice of the Presence of God” illustrate his definite sanctification experience and the remarkable consequences that flowed from it in a spiritually difficult century and country.  (9 pages)  (Lorraine, France: 1608 -1688)

(his sanctification crisis is scantily described on pages 2 and 3)  (both he and Madam Guyon pre-date the clear understanding and well-defined terms provided by Wesley and his subsequent followers.)

Madam Guyon  

Born April 18 1648 in France; the faithful Catholic housewife of a noble household is transformed in a definite post-salvation experience.  The Lord then uses her to share His heavy burdens and persecutions in a very dark France. She went on to so convict and threaten the Catholic hierarchy by her obedience, that she was imprisoned for many years. Included are topical excerpts from her very lengthy daily journals. She did well despite her unhelpful thick Catholic mysticism. (10 pages) (her sanctification crisis is well described in her own words on page one.)   ( 4/18/1648 - 6/9/1717) 

John Wesley

John Wesley was faithful to his calling.  He was given faith for holiness even before he was saved. Indeed, he pursued salvation so that he could go on to obtain holiness!  In spite of this deep calling, you will find this subject elusive when reading most of his material since he needed to be very circumspect since he was being vigorously persecuted on so many fronts at once. However, this full 72 page version of "Plain Account' will give you a good account of where he stood and how he got there!  He is still often misunderstood when he uses the word "perfection" to refer holiness.  He does not refer to or believe in some ideal of absolute perfection. He is referring to the  purity of heart before God obtained by those who enter His rest. These blessed souls are still quite human and can make innocent mistakes in many ways without being blamed by God since He knows their unavoidable frailties.
By perfection, he meant the Master did the work so that they are "finished", like wood can be finished to show forth its beauty.

In July, a little more than two months after he had received the Spirit of justification, he had the experience of "Christian perfection".  He gives a detailed and instructional account of how he wrestled with God for His sanctification.  (5 pages) (3/2/1751 - 12/28/1835)  (his sanctification crisis is described on page 4)

Dr. Edgar M. Levy

This man was an extraordinarily accomplished minister, and like many today, became convinced that he was intelligent. This stood in his path until he was finally brought face-to -face with the fact that intelligence is not the main thing for a servant of God.

Duncan Campbell
Duncan was the leader of the remarkable Hebrides Revivals in 1949: but how did he he qualify for this?  5 pages of original extracts.  For further background see this from the "Charismata" page:
    Revival in the Hebrides (1949)   This classic account of radical revival in the Hebrides Islands is given a surprising twist in the commentary supplied by the editor of this website.  12 pages by Duncan Campbell     

Rev. George Whitefield

Contained are excerpts from John Wesley’s eulogy for this eminent fellow worker in preaching sanctification and holiness. Wesley preached this with precision and passion although at this time he was old and under severe persecution from the Calvinists.     (6 pages by John Wesley) (his sanctification crisis is alluded to on pages 2 and 6.)  (England 12/27/1714 - 9/30/1770)

Bud Robinson
Bud wrestled with God from 1886 until the second day of June, 1890 trying to get the perfect victory; “I had often consecrated all that I had; I would put my mules, cows, hogs, corn and barn, and everything else on the altar and climb up on the pile and ask God to take us all, but that did not bring the victory.”  Read the earthy testimony of how he ultimately won through and became a famed holiness preacher.   (8 pages) (his sanctification crisis is vividly described on page 3.)  (1/27/1860 -  11/2/1942)

Rev. Beverly Carradine
This giant among Great Awakening preachers gives us a detailed account of how he wrestled with God to make it real; “If you will love Me and keep My commandments I will come and take up My abode in you”.  The Lord requires him to undertake two difficult trials of faith and obedience before he wins through.  (4 pages)  (his long sanctification crisis concludes on page   four.)
 (1848-1931) I use him a lot because his works are full of pithy homely examples.
Other wonderful Carradine resources may be found in the History section.
   Read  his bio information here:
 Carradine Bio info

James Ludwig
James was the compleat prodigal, whose remarkable testimony truly gives new meaning to the parable. (Late nineteenth century England -  4 pages) (his sanctification crisis is alluded to on page 1.)

Uncle Sam, The Remarkable
This rotten reprobate and murderer was feared by the police until at 70 years of age, when he gained salvation and then an astounding sanctification.  (6 pages) (his sanctification crisis is on page 3)   (written by the preacher H. C. Morrison who witnessed what happened to this much older man.)   (3/15/1857 - 1942)    

 Wail of The Drug Addict

Van Slyke goes off Morphine cold Turkey -and straight into His Rest.  A rough trip to be sure.  by Evangelist D. C. Van Slyke 1945.  86 page PDF

 Three Brief Testimonies
The famed Dr. Daniel Steele (10/5/1824 - 1924)
  passes on these precious testimonies. (3 pages)

In his years of itinerant aggressive preaching of both salvation and sanctification, Beverly Carradine saw it all. Here is a nice handful of anecdotes.  10 pages.

Ernest Coryell   An old bounder who has been hopeless for years, is saved in 1919, and within a few months enters His Rest after a sanctified man explains the role of entire sanctification to him.  His love of farming falls away to be replaced by a great and productive passion for souls.  (18 pages) (his sanctification crisis is made clear on page 8.)  A truly remarkable  story .  I have inserted comments in context.  Photo courtesy of his sanctified granddaughter in Arkansas.

Ernest Coryell

W. B. Godbey 
This preacher came from an ancient “Godly” family, and was saved at the age of three in a devout family that did not know of sanctification.  In his twenties this good but rather ordinary preacher entered His Rest and was transformed into a Holiness “converting machine”.  Some very entertaining chronicles of his spectacular campmeetings are included. This man used the modern principles of taking a city with great power and conviction. If you sit in a flammable chair while reading this, you will be sorry.  (51 pages)  (page 3 describes the heart-rending insult, and the sanctification crisis it birthed.)

Mrs. W. B. Godbey
The honoured wife of W. B. Godbey departs before he does since she has been heir to a frail constitution.  She does not receive her second blessing for years after her husband since she modestly thinks it is for preachers only since it was not yet generally accepted among the people.  Her husband was known far and wide as “Crazy Godbey”.    (12 pages) (finally, on page 4 she quickly embraces her own second blessing.)

J. A. Wood  
This confirmed opposer of sanctification was prayed into it by determined members of his congregation!  He went on to become the author of the famous holiness book “Perfect Love” (see the "Entry Directions"page) that became popular worldwide after the American Civil War.  Booth distributed copies throughout his “Salvation Army”.   (These 14 pages contain two different and worthwhile accounts of his sanctification)  (his fearful struggles conclude in a sanctification crisis that is described on page 3 and again on page 10.)

Amanda Smith 
This former slave and domestic servant
(2/23/1837 - ?) overcame many bondages, disadvantages, and lack of teaching to win through to a glorious sanctification.  In that strength, she went on to be a powerful international preacher of penetrating discernment that was not even afraid of white people!  (18 pages) (pages 8-10 detail the complex battle that was her sanctification crisis.)

A Bishop’s Sanctification
The good Rev. Hamline, Bishop (5/10/1797-?) in the Methodist Church was at times greatly troubled by feelings of unfitness and unworthiness until…   (8 pages)  ( his sanctification crisis is clearly described on page 3.)

S. A. Keen
This testimony follows a soul from his childhood salvation, to his sanctification as a young man and then through many glorious stages of over twenty-five years of walking in His Rest.  His loving wife describes the gracious manner of his passing.  (5/12/1842-?) (14 pages)  (pages 3-4 detail his sanctification crisis.)

Elliott Hodge  
This orphan turned vile trouble-making drunken lout and gets saved and then sanctified.  A hunting accident puts him near death, and he is taken to heaven’s gates three times. This is a rough and ready testimony from a rough and ready but now honest soul.  (25 pages)

Lida Brandyberry 
This is a simple country girl’s own story. She accepts the Lord at 17, and three weeks later was sanctified to live a happy life of outreach and service. This testimony helps demonstrate that entering into His Rest is only as difficult as you make it!  No sophistication at all is needed.  (10 pages)  (her sanctification crisis is found on page 6.)

 S. L. Brengle
This faithful Salvationist lived a holy life.  General Booth said of him: “Brengle, you are equal to your task!”.  His task was as a global emissary of holiness mostly in Salvation Army staff training.  (17 pages) (his impressive sanctification crisis is found on pages 4-5.)

The Selfless Saint of Assisi
Thirteenth century Italy was a dark place, but in it shone a great light:  St. Francis of Assisi.  O the wonders wrought in selfless devotion to Him. Here is a Saint truly worthy of the name!  (6 pages)  (on page 3, God answers and enables him to: "in all things I may act only in accordance with Thy Holy Will.” )

M. W. Knapp
Disadvantaged by a small stature, weak presence, and lack of proper teaching, this faithful soul went on to find His Rest and bring many others into it also.  (11 pages)  (he clearly extolls his sanctification crisis on pages 6-7)  (1853 - 1901)

 Holy Ann
"On the following Sunday the Mayor of Toronto testified in his church, "I have had two honors this week. It has been my privilege to have an interview with the President of the United States. This is a great honor. Then I have been pallbearer to Holy Ann. And no reflection was cast upon the head of the great Republic when he added, "Of the two honors I prize the latter most.'' This world-famous epic of a devout Irish servant-girl is complete in 37 pages ( 1810-?) (she comes to her sanctification crisis on pages 13-14.)

John Quincey Adams

No, this Adams was not in politics, he was a Baptist  pastor just before the Civil War in New York City.  He had quite struggle making the transition from his Baptist understanding, but he finally made it!  Well, written.  6 page PDF by J. Q. Adams

The Blameless Souls of Antiquity
Here the author presents several ancient testimonials that are very brief, and very punchy. 3 page PDF by H. A. Baldwin

F. A. Powell
This share-cropper's son overcame the strongly deceptive Calvinistic teachings of the amazingly weird "Hardshell Baptists" to finally find sanctification in a glorious campmeeting in 1909.  He preached and organized singing schools amongst the Nazarenes until 1957.  Rich descriptions of pioneer revivals.  21 pages  ( his sanctification crisis is found on page 12.)

Freeborn Garrettson
Freeborn became a Methodist minister when there were only 19 such ministers in America.  He went on to be the most productive minister in the church after Asbury himself.  At the age of nine, the Lord spoke to him: "Do you know what a saint is?" It was all so real that he answered, "There are no saints on earth in this our day"; and the same strange voice replied, "A saint is one who is wholly given up to God"; and instantly he saw such a person "in idea," as Garrettson phrases it, the most beautiful that his eyes had ever beheld! The vision so affected him that he expressed aloud a desire to bear such a character, and to him there was given a "strong assurance" that such should be his experience....  33 pages  ( his life or death sanctification crisis is on pages 5-6.)  (8/15/1770 - 9/26/1827)

J. B. Chapman
This fifteen year old unsaved lad was fortunate enough to hear sanctification well preached. He was not disobedient to the heavenly call. 2 pages by  J. B. Chapman

Hudson Taylor
This is a letter written from China by Hudson Taylor to his sister Amelia in 1869 gives an account of his entry into His Rest. "Every day, almost every hour, the consciousness of sin oppressed me. I knew that if I could only abide in Christ all would be well, but I could not. I began the day with prayer, determined not to take my eyes from Him for a moment; but pressure of duties, sometimes very trying, constant interruptions apt to be so wearing, often caused me to forget Him." But this extraordinary early missionary to China prevailed to dwell unshakable before His Master and become foundational in establishing what has become today's flourishing underground church in China.  3 pages by Hudson Taylor
 (5/21/1832 - 1900
) ( his sanctification crisis is on page 3.)

George Mueller

George Mueller ( 9/27/1805 - 1898) lived such a long and astonishing life being a tireless miracle-supporter of orphans that he is still sometimes known as the  "Apostle of Faith" .  4 pages from "George Mueller and His Second Conversion" by Andrew Murray

A Study of Holiness From The Early Church Fathers

The early Church Fathers  considered those souls who walked in His Rest to be the "true Church".  This author has taken much labor to dig out a great variety of quotations from the early church that concern sanctification as they saw it. A truly impressive period picture.   51 pages by  J. B. Galloway

Sheridan Baker

Sheridan Baker was an itinerant preacher who became a successful merchant before he entered His Rest.  The snares of prosperity were his main obstacles.  Some time after entering His Rest, he writes:
"By and by, I began to turn my attention away from what had been done for me to what I began to see before me, and I perceived that a state of purity and fullness of the Spirit were small matters in contrast with "all the fulness of God," and living in the realm of the "exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think." Since then I have been a continuous seeker, not for pardon, or purity, or the grace already obtained, but for more and more of the Christ nature. "Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth to those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize."  On the "Entry Directions"  page you will find his full book:  "The Hidden Manna".   11 pages by Sheridan Baker

G. D. Watson

G. D. Watson became famed as "Apostle to the Sanctified" since the Lord gave him such a burden to help those already within His Rest go on to reach their greatest possible potential in Him.  From his testimony, we can see the price he paid for this mantle.  See the "Wisdom for Ministers" page for more by this exceptional author.   3 Pages by G.D. Watson
 (1845 - 1924)

L. S. Boardman                                                     

"Finally, I heard a mighty man of God tell his experience--how he had preached and professed holiness for twenty-five years without it. But when the Holy Ghost revealed to him his depravity--the depth of pride, self-will and hell (as Wesley taught), he cried out “LET ME DIE! LET ME DIE!” He said he was three days confessing and deploring carnality, when suddenly the refining fire of God purified him through and through. When I heard this, immediately I said, “This is the Bible route--the death-route!” The Holy Ghost took me through step by step until I came to the end of myself, when the death stroke was given and the clear witness received that the precious Blood did NOW cleanse from all sin. O praise His Name!" The Rev. Boardman lived quite recently and here relates his own colorful testimony, along with several others.  12 pages by L. S. Boardman

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Ruth

A short testimony of the great holiness evangelist, and a longer testimony of his wife from later in life when she was very active in leading attempts to revive the work of the National Holiness Association.

The above testimonies are merely a sample of the treasures to be found on the Wesleyan Heritage Library CD.  The above selected excerpts are designed to highlight the nature of His Rest and the way we may obtain it. 

Sketches of Wesleyan Preachers

How were men in His Rest viewed by others? How did they function in ministry in those days before there was much of our emphasis or knowledge of gifts? These are not testimonials, but character observations of preachers by an astute and well connected observer who attended many of their meetings in England. Of course, most who were in His Rest, were not preachers. Some really impressive and entertaining stories are selected. 68 pages by Robert A. West

Very Early English Methodist Preachers
Most of them were poorly educated, poorly guided and without meaningful church support. Some of them went on to great success and others not.  Others did not amount to much even though their hearts were pure.  See for yourself...


Methodist Heroes

34 early American Methodists who walked in His Rest.  One sanctified man was in the midst of the war of 1812.  He was trapped with imminent murder and death before him, so he prayed and the Lord led him to shoot to kill the body of the hostile enemy while praying for the soul.... The Lord did not ascribe sin to him!!! 85 pages by S. G. Ayres

Modern Apostles of Faith
Here is one that is about the glorious fruits of holiness of heart -rather than how to obtain them. The author has written 33 short biographies of sanctified souls who went on to turn their world upside down for Christ. These became statesmen and conquerors through the Christ they served without reserve. A gift for healing bodies is a marvel: how much more a gift for healing nations?  You have probably heard of some.              70 page PDF by C. F. Wimberley

Bible Characters
Penetrating observations about a number of Bible figures and their callings.  84 pages by B. Carradine

New Testimonials  (November 2009)

Note: these testimonials required the outlay of thousands of dollars and years of work by the Rev. Duane Maxey to bring to you. He purchased many collections of old holiness books and scanned them while the technology to do this was still rudimentary. This meant countless hours of exacting and frustrating toil.  He now has so much that they will only fit on a DVD.  If you are going to profit from them financially, you should let him know. Be in touch with Holiness Data Ministries at  http://www.icehouse.net

Duane Maxey

his personal testimonial.  A good number of the articles found on The Wesleyan Heritage Library came from him also.  We all owe him an immeasurable debt for his 17 years of  labor during his illness for our sake.  He is now too old and too ill to do any more computer work. Pray for him and his wife!!!

Many of the following testimonials are from later on when the "altar theology" Scriptural type favored by Phoebe Palmer came to dominate.  It was simple and straightforward, and so many made good use of it and were sanctified.  But there were unintended consequences to this clarity of speech. Some felt they grasped it with their carnal minds, and so trifled with it, calling it a mere "blessing" instead of treating it with the Godly seriousness that it required. Many of these told themselves they were sanctified when they were not.  Their subsequent behavior brought great discredit to sanctification teaching.

More traditional Wesleyan-style preachers were still using their greater variety of scriptural ways of describing how to view the sanctification process.  I definitely favor the latter because the greater number of descriptive models avoids some of the self-deception that reliance on only one model allows.  But both styles require a completed consecration, followed by a completed faith.  However this is a catch-22, because before you are sanctified, you do not have access to your whole heart or to a whole faith. Everything is "in part", so your consecration has to be radical. Sometimes this takes the form of a "gift of faith" for the work. Regardless, the actual sanctification takes the direct intervention of the Lord, as the many following examples will clearly illustrate.  But this intervention requires the active involvement of your active faith......

Why is all this serious consecration is required of the Lord? Is it for His sake? No, it is to protect you from yourself. It is so that you will not hate Him for taking away any still-precious personal idols.  If that happened, you would run and snatch them back with your lower lip protruding petulantly , shouting "Mine, mine, mine!" You would then protect them with greatly increased vigor......  This would ensure that the Lord would not be able to approach you any more closely.  The stench of your remaining idols would quite effectively keep Him at bay, just as garlic keeps werewolves at bay....

His Spirit would then depart....

There may seem to be some duplicates.  In most cases, the same saint is written about by another author, and so highlights other aspects of the story. 

B Abbott

Bishop Foster

C H Faulk

Cyrus Brooks 
a very similar testimonial to my own in many ways. Earnest Seeker 

Duncan Campbell
Preached at the Hebrides revival.

Fairy Chism

J Boynton

JB Chapman

John Easter 
"That Mighty Man of God"

JR Daniels

L Bates

LB Compton

LR Dunn

LS Boardman

Mollie Buchanan 
Mollie became a master of effective prevailing prayer.....

OM Fitzgerald

PC Bennet

PP Belew

Thomas Cook

Three Fergersons

WE Boardman

John Fletcher   
by McClurkan and Lawson 4 pages

John Fletcher  by Benson 10 pages

38 Short Testimonies  
42 page PDF

39 Short Testimonies 
46 page PDF

40 Short Testimonies 45 page PDF

33 Short Testimonies 36 page PDF

58 Short Testimonies 56 page PDF

34 Short Testimonies   39 page PDF

30 Short Testimonies   40 page PDF

37 Short Testimonies    57 Page PDF

35 Short Testimonies     57 Page PDF

A Haywood

AP Graves

Aunt Garrett

Elihu Gunn

F Hibbard

Freeborn Garretson

J Hatfield

K Helm

Madame Guyon

ML Haney

Philip Gatch

S.A. Keen (different from the first SA Keen)

T Hanson

W Heslop

WB Godbey

William Green

Asbury Lowrey

C. Linn

C. B. Jernigan

E. Levy

H. Morrison

J. McCarty

J. McClurkan

J. McCusker

J. Morrison

John Inskip

L. McConnell

M. McAfee

S. Miller

Theodore and Minnie
Whew!!!  We need more couples like this!!!

Amanda Smith

Bud Robinson

C. W. Ruth

David Updegraff

Ed Rose

H. W. Smith

Isaac Springer

John Pawson

J. W. Redfield

Leslie Parrott

Lyle Potter

Pearl Poe

Phoebe Palmer

Samuel Sparks

Thomas Rankin

W. H. Poole

William Taylor

John Wesley   The greatest breakthrough pioneer of  Sanctification.

Mary Wheeler

C. W. Winchester

Celia Winkle

H. C. Wooster

Even More Testimonies!

  • See the "They Knew Their God" series of books above at the top of this page.

The early church walked in His Rest and made these observations about their own state:

"Our Lord Jesus Christ...became what we are, so that He might bring us to be even what He Himself is." - Irenaeus c. 180 AD

"The man of God is consequently divine and is already holy. He is God-bearing and God-borne." - Clement of Alexandria c. 195 AD

"You will be a companion of God, and a co-heir with Christ... For you have become divine... God has promised to bestow these upon you, for you have been deified and begotten unto immortality." - Hippolytus c. 225 AD

"...from Him there began the union of the divine with the human nature. This was so that the human  by communion with the divine  might rise to be divine. This not only happened in Jesus, but also in all those who not only believe, but enter upon the life that Jesus taught." - Origen c. 248 AD

"What man is, Christ was willing to be  so that man may also be what Christ is." - Cyprian c. 250 AD

"God became man so that man might become God." - Athanasius c. 325 AD

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