This page is for selected articles designed to help those blessed souls already within His Rest to both minister and come to terms with their new life in His very bosom where the mixed wisdom of the impure stands mute.  Others who read these targeted materials should be aware that they are written for souls already made Holy and that the unearthly standards expressed within cannot be duplicated by any amount of mere spiritual strength. 

But amongst the special advice, true seekers will surely find radiant jewels to give light for this most worthy of quests.  Some of the articles here are designed for both the seeker, and the newly purified. Others should be avoided by the immature, especially those who are wise in their own eyes.

"However, we speak wisdom among those who are mature, yet not the wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing."  1 Corinthians 2:6

Now that you have entered into His Rest, you need a distinct pure wisdom not of this earth to flourish as worthy stewards and ministers of this rare state of grace.  You must successfully grow onwards because of the regrettable fact that the perfect peace you found hidden in Him does not automatically bring completed health, intelligence, wisdom or maturity!  As your heart continues to be transformed into His image, what is appropriate for your life will change vastly: this will certainly bring costly pruning and perhaps even persecution to your earthly life.  Be ready.

You might think that if you have entered into His Rest, that is all there is to it.  Regrettably, this is real life.  You will probably have customs, relationships or arrangements such as employment still in place, which are not God's best for you.  With a new heart all of a sudden, this can get tricky, especially in the case of family relationships. My best advice to you is do not try to appease when you cannot be the worldly person they would prefer you to be.  Play it straight. Pray for them, love them even as you ask the Lord for resolution and/or freedom. Be patient. Go the second mile. Turn the other cheek. Do not prefer one outcome over another -let God work as you pour out prayer and His blessing in abundance without prejudice.  The solutions can be surprising!  But they are not always easy because people can be more ornery or twisted than you had thought it possible for them to be. 

This straightforward approach may bless some people you know out of their socks right away.  Others it may sour.  Remember that in the past your actions may not always have been the best, despite your intentions.  It may take people time to realize that your changes in character are for real.

Remember Pharaoh?  God set His people free, but it was repeatedly costly in terms of faith and patience.

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Conflicts of The Entirely Sanctified
When you obtain the first touch of saving grace, it takes quite a while to adapt your life to its loving but necessary commands.  It is the same when you are touched by His saving grace the second time to obtain purity of heart.  In the first work, you are separated from the world.  In the second you are separated from your struggling faith -and become wholly His.  There is a learning curve.13 pages by H. A. Baldwin

A brief anecdote illustrating the incomparable power of humility.   (2 pages)

Miss Pywell
John Wesley imparts condensed wisdom to a new minister of holiness upon her departure to ministry. (1 page )

Choice excerpts of wisdom to fellow holiness ministers from Daniel Steele.  (2 pages)

The Secret of Spiritual Power
It takes more than being in His Rest to exercise real spiritual power.  Yes, heart purity is the necessary foundation, but more than the foundation is required.  43 pages by  G. D. Watson

Milestone Papers
Dr. Steele gives us relaxed praise and observations as the years go by in His Rest.  (28 pages by Daniel Steele)

The Benefits of Childhood Conversion
In my long years this article is the only one I have ever seen which discusses the special position of those converted as infants.  It is a great special blessing that is poorly understood in today’s post-Spock environment. It also has great implications upon sanctification.    8 Pages by W. B. Godbey

Golden Sheaves
It was one thing for the Jews to cross over the Jordan into Canaan, and another thing altogether to possess the land: it is one thing to obtain the blessing of sanctification, and it is another to enter upon its many privileges and its full blessedness.  There are three types of sanctified souls to be found…..   25 pages by B. Carradine

Helps to Holiness
This Commander of Holiness shares his secrets of success with His global Holiness troops.  He does not hold back, but shares his hard won gold, his diadems, and even his very crowns.  A “must read” for every minister of Holiness!!  The authour worked under General Booth of the illustrious early Salvation Army.  He was sent out accross the globe to bring existing workers into His Rest. 58 pages by S. L. Brengle 
the same in columns-   Helps to Holiness  53 pages

The Heritage of Holiness
All our churches have lost the way to heart-purity and fallen into the ancient deception of Antinomianism. This error is the cause the regular occurrence of acts of sin amongst believers and of many slowly losing devout ground as they age -instead of obtaining the magnified Godliness hoped for.  True understanding of the place and function of God's perfect law in our lives is as rare as it is crucial.    25 page PDF by H. E. Jessop  Two column layout. (See also Fletcher's famous "Checks to Antinomianism" in the Classics section of the History page.)

A Pot of Oil

G. D. Watson became known as the "Apostle to the Sanctified" for his gift in guiding the sanctified into the full enjoyment of their new state.  This important work is full of his wisdom to help the sanctified soul steer around the shoals of paradox that become evident to one with a clean heart and clear eyes.  48 pages

  The Way of Holiness
In 1920 an elderly Brengle wrote this compassionate mixture of guidance for the seeker and confirmation for the younger sanctified souls.  You will enjoy his warmth and abundance of personal examples gleaned from his long and fruitful career.  28 pages by S. L. Brengle

  Holiness or Hell?
Seasoned veterans sometimes lose their edge.  They have seen it all.  These are called "sleeping Christians".  How do we wake them up again before they lose their reward? 
How about a sudden bucket of cold water!!!??

The title is designed to be alarming to the comfortable.  46 pages by the illustrious W. B. Godbey

Carradine gives us a treasury of remarkable wisdom from his many years of successful Holiness ministry:

Beulah Land    The first number of topics give glory to God for the heavenly attributes he found in His Rest during his life.   98 page PDF

Heart Talks      Carradine opens with some of his testimony and then continues with advices and perspectives he found through the years.  Some truly remarkable insights and views upon events in life and Scripture.  28 topics.  93 page PDF

 O, the glories of being His true love-slave!!!  To the sinner the yoke looks intolerable, the burden looks unbearable. But to those who have entered into the secret of the Master, His yoke is the badge of freedom, and His burden gives wings to the soul.  Brengle also warns His Love-Slaves of the dangers inherent in their station as they grow older.  49 pages by the famous Salvation Army Holiness evangelist S. L. Brengle

The Meaning of Holiness
This whole website has expounded Holiness and how to get it.  But how is it relevant to our world?  Who does it have meaning for?  The author uses Scripture to explore these important questions for us.  49 pages by D. Shelby Corlett

 An Address to Perfect Christians
"I shall venture to set before you some important directions which the Holy Ghost has already suggested to your pure minds: "for I would not be negligent to put you in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be stablished in the present truth. Yea, I think it meet to stir you up, by putting you in remembrance," and giving you some hints, which it is safe for you frequently to meditate upon."  15 pages by John Fletcher, the saintly contemporary of Wesley.  

  The Altar Service
This is from a symposium of the most prominent and successful Holiness altar workers of the Great Awakening. This compilation contains the practical wisdom and experience from half a century of successful sanctification altar work in eleven chapters, each by a different famous revivalist. Punchy. Concentrated. Compiled by Dr.B. Carradine in 24 pages.  Published in 1904

  Coals of Fire
The illustrious Watson expounds the golden mystery of saints and seraphim: "And one cried unto another and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts."  It was this declaration and vision of the Divine purity, which caused Isaiah to perceive the necessity of his "perfecting holiness in the fear of God"; and the same spiritual law applies to other believers as well."  7 pages by G. D. Watson

 The Challenge of Our Heritage

"The will of God is always the greatest challenge that can come to a person. It is no different now. A misunderstanding at this point or a drawing back will not only defeat the individual but it will bring hardship upon the whole group to whom the challenge has come. Regardless of what attitude is taken or what decisions may be made by man, God's will remains the same, and He expects it to be carried out in its fullness, or tragedy will follow."  "The challenge of holiness is not just standards, these should not be the outstanding marks identifying us as Gods people. But the challenge is to keep the standards, with the glory of God and our lives saturated with His Presence."  3 heritage pages by Glenn Griffith

Features of The Sanctified Life

Describes features of the sanctified life. How to keep and fully enjoy the blessing.  20 pages by Beverly Carradine

Carradine's Personal Life     
In public, Carradine was known as the "Prince of Holiness Preachers"  He ministered with great effect despite  hindrances from this world.....   A dated chart researched by Gene Long

There can be loneliness, but O there are compensations. 7 pages by Rev. B. Carradine

Beauty for Ashes

Guidelines to tread this world softly while trading your ashes for His beauty. 14 pages by G. D. Watson

What it Takes to Make an Ideal Home
How can we raise our children to be Godly?  12 heritage pages by H. Robb French

Christian Purity

This is the full version of the shorter excerpt found on the "Entry Directions" page. This is a remarkably comprehensive work that gives a very high quality and detailed treatment to not only entering His Rest, but also gives a rare resource for those of us who are already in His Rest, which includes, how to keep it, and how to regain it again if it is lost! He gives us important advice on how to successfully steward this state of grace.
"Our idea of a perfectly holy character does not include the idea that he will make no mistakes in the conduct of his life — that he will always act wisely and discreetly— or that he will never feel the risings of propensities or passions which he may not indulge. Actions and feelings result from the views the mind takes, or the influence of unavoidable constitutional tendencies. When an improper judgment is formed, an improper or incorrect action or feeling may follow. And so long as the mind is subject to err and come to wrong conclusions, so long conduct and emotions resulting may be also improper." 36 pages by R. S. Foster

The Class Meeting as a Means of Grace
The "primitive" (old-fashioned or original ) Methodist way of seeking both initial spirituality and His Rest grew out of Wesley's "Holy Club".  This
special weekly meeting was to encourage and pray for one another. (in England)  The others on the website were mostly special concentrated frontier summer camp meetings held expressly to obtain His Rest.

"It has been said that “He who comes from a garden of roses brings their perfume with him.” Even so they who walk with God and commune with heaven carry about them a celestial aroma, a savor of the divine, by which men take knowledge of them that they have been with Jesus, and have learned of Him. The class-leader's life should at all times emit this celestial fragrance, this savor of spirituality, in an eminent degree. It is not enough that he be a converted man, who has never backslidden, and who has steadily grown in grace; he ought to be a fully sanctified man, ever going in and out before his class “in the fulness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ,” and, yearning for their perfection, and skillful in the word of righteousness, able to bring them “unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.” Only he who walks with God and lives in daily communion with heaven can effectually compass so great a task as this." Chap. 9   45 p. PDF by W. T. Hogue

Holiness and its Relatives
This is a brief summary of beliefs consistent with a pure heart. This seasoned minister also manages to solve some pithy puzzles for us.  This website is loaded with documents that focus just on the seeker and how to get him through.  This one has its focus on the sense made of the broad sweep of the gospel as it relates to holiness.  16 pages by R. G. Flexon

Interpreting Christian Holiness

Your state of Holiness profoundly affects your whole man and the whole of creation. The masterful W. T. Purkiser does it again! This time he puts Holiness into the wider contexts of: Biblical Interpretation, Historical Interpretation, Theological Interpretation, Psychological Interpretation, and Sociological Interpretation.  27 pp.

Entire Sanctification -A Second Blessing

C. W. Ruth was an explosive force in the latter years of the Holiness Movement.  In 80 pages he explains all of the principles of Holiness to us in laconic but powerful detail:

"Sanctification is the “second blessing” exactly in the same sense that justification is the first blessing. Justification is the first blessing that changes our moral condition and our personal relation toward God. In justification we are changed from the attitude and relation of enemies and rebels toward God into that of obedient children. It certainly is a blessing – but it is more, it is a grace that transforms and transposes into a permanent state and experience. Until this experience, all other blessings left the individual in the same moral condition they had found him. So, after a person is fully justified, he may receive not only many temporal, but many spiritual blessings -prayer meeting and camp meeting blessings – which will greatly refresh, and help, and encourage, and yet they will not eradicate inbred sin, and make him holy; if he was given to fear or impatience or doubt, or any other carnal manifestations, those same conditions will continue to exist after the “hundreds of blessings” have come and gone.

Exactly as justification is the first blessing that effects a permanent inward change, so sanctification is the “second blessing,” hence, “properly so called.” While justification comprehends pardon, regeneration and adoption, making us children of God, sanctification comprehends the full eradication of the carnal mind, the inbred sin, and the baptism and anointing with the holy Ghost, making us kings and priests unto God. Whereas justification delivers us from sins committed, sin as an act, sanctification delivers us from the Evil-nature inherited-sin as a principle; justification delivers us from guilt and condemnation while sanctification delivers us from unholy appetites; the first gives us a birth of the Spirit; the second, the baptism with the Spirit."   80 pages.  (excerpt from P.14)

Soul Saving Preaching
This booklet contains the substance of three or four addresses given at different times to Cliff College Students on the subject of “Soul-saving Preaching.” It is not a treatise on Homiletics, but a plain statement of what I learned by observation and experience during the more than twenty years when I was engaged in evangelistic work. It embodies maxims which have slowly formulated themselves, the result of many testings, and which have been proved again and again to work successfully.

Neither piety nor learning can take the place of knowing how to pull in the net, and young preachers need instruction in this more than in any other. Socialists (pre-1917) are alive to the importance of instructing their propagandists in principles, facts, and arguments, and we must lay ourselves out to help our men to secure the necessary equipment for work so momentous as the saving of souls.

When many who heard these addresses expressed gratitude for help they had received, it occurred to me that if they were published in book form many might be helped to increased usefulness who could not avail themselves of the benefits of the College.
  29 pages by Thomas Cook

Regaining His Rest
Some people make mistakes while walking with God, and truly lose their salvation (if the plain truth is told) -sometimes repeatedly.  Do people in His Rest make mistakes also? If so, what happens to them?  24 pages of excerpts compiled by Earnest Seeker

Holiness and Our Humanity
Although entering His Rest brings perfect peace between yourself and God, those things in your outer shell still may not co-operate. You still must live within your limitations, or pay the price.  11 pages by R. G. Flexon

Temptations Peculiar to The Sanctified
In His Rest, temptation is still a concern, even though it is now remote and fundamentally powerless. Your new state of grace leaves you vulnerable to some special temptations, not to mention the fact that you are still human and all the colorful memories of your fallen life remain. What should you expect? How should the pure in heart deal with it? 14 pages by C. W. Ruth

Crossing the Deadline
There is something unique about the time of crisis while preparing to cross the line into salvation. The same thing occurs while preparing to cross the line into being His bond slave (entering His Rest). It is like the eyes of the Father Himself are searching out the quality of your faith. Enclosed is a list of fearfully instructional examples of what NOT to do during these times under conviction.  13 scary pages by  R. G. Flexon  (not for the fearful to read)

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