Where Did This Website Come From?

  Throughout history there have been souls rise up that were not content with what passed for religion in their day.

They were given no guidance or help in their struggle to obtain true faith because everybody else thought what they had was the full extent of God's provision for redemption.  Any written help they could find was so burdened with fable that they most often had to just start from scratch and do their best.  Some of those that succeeded to some recognizable degree were sometimes honored and called "Saints" -a good while after after their demise.

It became the practice of seekers of a better faith, to read the memoirs of these "Saints" in the hope that they could emulate them.

England of the 1700's was a putrid place that was oppressed under the brutal heel of cheap Gin and cruel tyranny.  This disgusting environment made John Wesley want much more than his father's venerable Church of England could provide.  He searched for Holiness even before he was saved!  He was a brilliant scholar at Oxford that studied all the lives of the Saints throughout history to look for clues of true holiness -without knowing you had to enjoy an explicit experience of salvation first. 

He met with members of the Moravian Church, and traveled to Germany to have talks with them about Holiness.  In response, they came to England and started holding meetings together with Wesley's associates.  Making a long story short, Wesley found that after he became fully acquainted with them, that their characters were not consistent with their highly exalted words.  For that reason he started holding meetings of his own while relentlessly seeking to complete his understanding of these things.  (Now this is all criminally brief -if you want to review this momentous history in detail -read from the History page:  Wesley 1741  88 page PDF)  (I would give you a page reference, but the treasure is scattered throughout this rich source.)

Wesley was a fully ordained Minister of the English state Church, and so when he preached, it was officially sanctioned.  And when he came to preach to believers about Holiness, strange things began to be reported among them.  Certain of these faithful redeemed Anglicans declared that the Holy Spirit had come to them and made their hearts clean and pure!!! As the numbers of these multiplied, Wesley began interviewing them systematically to see if their experience was consistent with everything he had come to know and understand of this experience that came to be known as "entire sanctification" as distinct from the initial (and partial) sanctification received at salvation. This follows the Old Testament type of "entering His Rest" (a settled peace with their enemies and fullness of blessing in the Promised land and His favor) after the people of Israel crossed the Jordan.

Wesley rode the length and breadth of England on horseback for years, and preached to great acclaim -and vollies of rotten eggs.  Most of the eggs came from local hired toughs from the pub sent by the local Anglican priest for some sport!  No, the Anglican church was not very supportive.  The Archbishops were fully supportive after they understood what he was preaching, but most church dignitaries and clergy had no wish to be so enlightened. Many were unsaved themselves. For this reason, Wesley was forced to organize in order to protect his appointed itinerant preachers from their vindictive jealousy.  Over time this became formalized as The Methodist Church. 

As Wesley slowed down with age the fires of faithfulness in Methodism gradually started to cool.  When he passed on the many unsanctified people within gradually came to provide a fifth column within the Church. Methodism became a large denomination, and by 1850, it had become so backslidden that souls who were entirely sanctified no longer felt welcome there.  (the devastation of Ichabod!) Many Holiness evangelists found they had to depart in order to continue in their calling. 

The National Holiness Association

was formed by the unsupported itinerant preachers to assist and coordinate their work. 
The great and the small evangelists would meet to keep their fires burning and their doctrines pure.

Also, The Church of the Nazarene was formed and over the years spread with the stated purpose to create a place that was welcoming for these spiritual refugees.

But over time that original purpose of the church, was in turn gradually submerged by ordinary church work (another layer of the devastation of Ichabod!!).  And, in time so many people joined churches such as the Nazarenes for reasons of their own that they gradually diluted them toward the point of meaninglessness since they were not committed seekers.

After the debacle of Asuza Street and resulting profound schism,  the deadly wine of confusion was drunk wholesale by many those who were claiming to be seeking His Rest, and so the Holiness Movement as a whole gradually shriveled for lack of attention. ( see: Signs and Wonders)  But there is a clear reason for all this stunning reverse:  His Rest, costs your all, while the Holy Spirit that is received at the New Birth only needs to stirred up in an instant for the price of sincerely asking in faith.  And the results are spectacular and for all to see!!  It seemed to be a quick and easy alternative to the narrow way to those who were not yet clear that the two works were both distinct and necessary regardless of cost. 

With declining numbers and remorseless institutionalization the great Holiness Movement gradually split into small groups.  Although holding the name "Holiness" and the intellectual beliefs, actually obtaining the work of grace that results in a pure heart has became virtually unknown these days. (even another layer of the devastation of Ichabod!!!!) All the publications found on this website are available because they are out of print, and have been gathering dust in attics for many decades. The fully sanctified Sulu Kelley scanned numbers of these musty old books with the difficult old software of the 1990s and put them on CD for distribution.  Yours truly bought his CD, and then obtained permission to place some of the heritage excerpts and books online in an understandable context for your edification.

And there you have it. 

I have been saved as an independent charismatic (starting in the old Latter Rain movement) now for almost 40 years. I entered into His Rest (obtained a pure heart) in 1988, but did not know the experience I had entered into had a name or a history.  I did not know enough to explain it to my friends or family until 2000 when I bought the Wesleyan Holiness Library Cd from the now late author, and started the research that has resulted in this free website.  My testimony is at:  Tom Plumb

More recently I also bought CDs from the very active Dwayne Maxey of Holiness Data Ministries.  Dwayne was an irrepressible Holiness preacher sidelined by years of crippling illess. Much of Sulu's material came from Dwayne's years hard work also.

So who wrote these doctrines?  The revered departed row upon row that walked this land before the death-grip of suffocating "Higher Criticism" ushered in by Darwin and others took hold.  (see the long list of testimonials on the "Testimonies" page).

Only a very few enjoy this grace these days, but the material on this website is now allowing many to seek the age-old spiritual cleansing that brings purity of heart using the tested principles and wisdom faithfully accumulated by countless generations of the devout who have gone before.

So if you are not content with what passes for religion today -take heart!!!  God has preserved a proven path to a much better way for you.....

Yours in His Most Excellent Service;
Tom Plumb (aka Earnest Seeker)